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Interpretations 3

Interpretations 3
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104 BPM has had a great start to his professional career as a music producer and he continues to grow stronger. DM.Recordings are honoured to announce the third release from 104 BPM with 'Interpretations 3'.

Starting off this EP with 'Hello, 3 Hours' which has been beautifully crafted using his signature african influenced drums, hypnotic pads and electronic bassline that will send the listener into a frenzy, this song will most definitely be on every DJ's USB. 104 BPM transfers his sounds on to 'Copy & Paste' with the famous piano chords that we love from him, supported with news experimenta sounds that we enjoy hearing from this talented producer. To end the 3rd interpretation EP we are blessed with 'Mtolo' a track that infuses both African and electronic sounds but on a more chilled note but will make your head bop, with the skippy drum pattern, snappy kicks and smooth pads.

This EP will give you goosebumps as well as take you on a journey!

Born in the Southern parts of Kwa-Zulu Natal, S’gcino Gwacela, also known as “104 BPM”, is a Dj & Producer who fell in love with house music from a young age which has helped in shaping his current sound and approach to music production.
104 BPM is currently working with UK’s D.M Recordings, headed by D-Malice, he has released 3 EP’s to date that have been well received.

Found tracks

104 BPM - Hello, 3 Hours
104 BPM - Copy & Paste
104 BPM - Mtolo