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"Perfume" is our latest album, released on December 2014
The perfume of life,of love of dreams ...
The perfume of things who passed and the things we wish to come
give to this work a nostalgic feeling lost in summer memories.
The album consists of 10 tracks full of ethereal melodies ,complex and imaginative arrangements ,dreamy soundscapes
chillwave and electro lounge downtempo beats.
Most of the songs are characterizing by the use of vintage instruments like vibraphone, dusty electric piano , haunting theremins ,mellotrons, string ensembles , old synthesizers and other retro electronic instruments.
There are many music references to 80s and 90s "dream pop" bands like "The Cocteau twins" , "This mortal coil" ,"Slowdive" especially when it comes to vocal arrangements and voice textures,
We can find influences from David Sylvian , Harold Budd, Robert Fripp , Brian Eno and "The Residents " especially on harmony progressions
The band also seems to love the eclectic pop aesthetic of bands like "Saint etienne" and "Stereolab"
the 60s psychedelic pop sounds of bands like "The free design" and Roger Nichols , the arrangements of Burt Bucharach and the cinematic sound of Ennio Morricone.

The colors of life ,the magic of dreams, the everlasting beauty , the pure love , the lost summer kisses... the evening skies , the lonely clouds, the sun and the shadows are the inspiration of this album

The meaning of "Time" seems to have a primary role on this work .
Its what turns Moments into Memories , Feelings into Nostalgia and Emotions into Music , But also changes
the seasons, the colors of Earth, the people .. and leaves all this nostalgic melancoly for nice moments and people we love, lost at his passage.
So can we do something about this? This is the question we make at the last track of the album.
Well if you ask me i have no idea ... Maybe an answer to this can give us a .. fairy from our childhood .. .. or a super computer located on a distant spaceship lost somewhere in the future....

The 5th Galaxy Orchestra loves mixing old voices and other sonic material from the past with new electronic sounds .
Its sound is a unique blend of electronic grooves , lounge pop melodies , sci-fi noises , retrospace sounds , 80s synthpop tones , and dreamy soundscapes.
5th G. O members are session vocalists and other music performers from the present or the past....

Found tracks

The 5th Galaxy Orchestra - 01. Night starts , dream now
The 5th Galaxy Orchestra - 02. In Love
The 5th Galaxy Orchestra - 03. My little Shadowland
The 5th Galaxy Orchestra - 04. Bernuda tropical storm
The 5th Galaxy Orchestra - 05. A different sun
The 5th Galaxy Orchestra - 06. We are clouds
The 5th Galaxy Orchestra - 07. Where my Anne flies
The 5th Galaxy Orchestra - 08. Technicolor
The 5th Galaxy Orchestra - 09. Evening star
The 5th Galaxy Orchestra - 10. Escape from planet Nostalgia