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The Coral Tombs

The Coral Tombs
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Following their much acclaimed, chart-impacting 2015 release,
The Boats Of The Glenn Carrig, and their epic Live Prey release (2020),
2023 will see extreme doom metal masters AHAB celebrate their 19th band anniversary in glorious style.
Inspired this time by Jules Verne’s masterpiece 20000 Leagues Under The Sea, on January 13, 2023,
the German four-piece and trailblazers of an entire genre will return with their fifth studio album,
entitled The Coral Tombs, on Napalm Records!

The album will mark their first full-length offering in eight long years.
The kings of nautik doom – a genre they invented – once again interpret a maritime novel.
But the opening of their new album, ‘Prof. Arronax’ descent into the vast oceans’, will prove a surprise indeed,
when a thunder of blast beats turns into the epic grandeur of infinite melancholy-meets-heavy that AHAB is known and loved for. Throughout seven new tracks, and on songs such as ‘Colossus of the liquid graves’ or otherworldly evil magnum opus ‘Mobilis in Mobili‘,
AHAB take their fans on a new musical journey with Captain Nemo and Professor Arronax. Furthermore, of their entire discography,

The Coral Tombs is arguably the closest AHAB has come to their sound resembling a real soundtrack: it’s evil, it’s longing, it’s sad, it’s meditative,
it’s cavernous, it’s vast, it’s ridiculously epic and as heavy as the colossal squid itself!
For The Coral Tombs, AHAB invited Chris Dark of ULTHA and none other than the master of extreme doom himself,
Greg Chandler - singer and mastermind of ESOTERIC - as special guests. Chris Dark (along with AHAB’s exceptional vocalist Daniel Droste) has the first words on the album,
while Greg Chandler closes this incredible ride through the depths of the vast oceans and the abysmal nature of mankind.
AHAB not only invented and still steer the ship of their genre, but The Coral Tombs is poised to top 2023 Album Of The Year lists and will see the band sailing again as one of the best extreme doom metal bands of all time!


Found tracks

Ahab - Prof. Arronax’ descent into the vast oceans feat. Ultha
Ahab - Colossus of the liquid graves
Ahab - Mobilis in mobili
Ahab - The sea as a desert
Ahab - A coral tomb
Ahab - Ægri somnia
Ahab - The Mælstrom feat. Esoteric