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Frozen Voyage

Frozen Voyage
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Antarctic Wastelands’ first full EP is a journey in the truest sense. A condensed epic, Frozen Voyage is a concise expedition into the wonders of deep exploration, vast yet immediate.

Antarctic Wastelands is the solo ambient project of Ben Tatlow (Salt of the Sound, Narrow Skies); where previous Antarctic Wastelands compositions have explored the icy winds and biting textures of frozen sonic landscapes, Tatlow's fullest release to date instead ventures below the surface, where things are more still, and arrestingly beautiful. Away from the turbulent winds above, the visit below is met with dazzling and blissful weightlessness, while on the return to the surface, a renewed energy stirs, inciting a sense of rebirth and motivation.

Neverthless, imagery is offered, not forced. With ample space to explore elsewhere, Frozen Voyage offers a brief but potent catalyst for discovery, awe and rejuvenation.


Previous praise for the artist:

"[Antarctic Wastelands is] always great at creating those lush, frozen ambient soundscapes that are meant to get lost within" (Rural Sounds)

"While listening to the song, it can almost feel as though you’re the one who is drifting out at sea while enjoying this peaceful soundscape." (Rural Sounds)

"A faint, canopy glow that imbues the whole track with the last few seconds of sunlight before dusk." (Tome To The Weather Machine)


All tracks composed and performed by Antarctic Wastelands
Mastering by Ian Hawgood
Design by Ambientologist
Photograph by Cristian Palmer / @icristianla

Ambientologist is a new label dedicated to the psychological capabilities of music.

The listening experience is put on equal standing as the artistic expression, with an emphasis on the emotional and the semantic.

A resource for psychological and spiritual development.

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Found tracks

Antarctic Wastelands - Submerge
Antarctic Wastelands - Deepest Blue
Antarctic Wastelands - Light, Fragmented
Antarctic Wastelands - In Eternal Drift
Antarctic Wastelands - Rise