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Reflections, Vol. 1

Reflections, Vol. 1
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To celebrate the 1-year anniversary of Ambientologist, Lauge dips into the label catalogue for this exquisite mix. No easy feat, considering the diversity of the artists.

Each release from the past year is covered within the mix, providing a sampler of the first year of Ambientologist's existence. Also included are some of the full tracks, which can also be downloaded for free.

Due to its length, the mix had to be split into two halves, but a full (and downloadable) version can be found on the Ambientologist SoundCloud.

Huge thanks to everyone that's been involved in making the label what it is, and inspiring what it could be.



Julia Gjertsen & Nico Rosenberg - Los Océanos [single release]
Fossil Hunting Collective - Fragments [from Vacancy]
Henrik Meierkord - The Rain (feat. Marco Lucchi & Rocco Saviano) [from Refuge]
Chris Otchy - Thunderbird [from Recursive]
Jupi/ter - 202 (Henrik Meierkord Rework) [single release]
Still Harbours - Mist Under the Animation [from Fluorochrome]
Rinnovare - Still Fabrication [from Ingrávido]
Antarctic Wastelands - In Eternal Drift [from Frozen Voyage]
Still Harbours - Valley of the Kings [from Fluorochrome]
Jupi/ter - Redlink [from Islands, Pt. 1]
Henrik Meierkord - Kraft (anthéne Remix) [from Själ]
Antarctic Wastelands - Light, Fragmented [from Frozen Voyage]
Rinnovare - Familiar Illustration [from Ingrávido]
Henrik Meierkord - Human [from Refuge]


Composed, performed and reworked by Antarctic Wastelands, Henrik Meierkord, anthéne, Still Harbours, Jupi/ter, Chris Otchy, Rinnovare, Fossil Hunting Collective, Julia Gjertsen and Nico Rosenberg
Mastering by Ian Hawgood, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Christopher Willits and Arturo Zegers
Mixed by Lauge
Image by Dan Gaffney
Design by Ambientologist

Ambientologist is a new label dedicated to the psychological capabilities of music.

The listening experience is put on equal standing as the artistic expression, with an emphasis on the emotional and the semantic.

A resource for psychological and spiritual development.

Found tracks

Ambientologist - Reflections, Vol. 1 (Pt. 1)
Ambientologist - Reflections, Vol. 1 (Pt. 2)
Ambientologist - Fossil Hunting Collective - Fragments
Ambientologist - Henrik Meierkord, Marco Lucchi & Rocco Saviano - The Rain
Ambientologist - Chris Otchy - Thunderbird
Ambientologist - Still Harbours - Mist Under the Animation
Ambientologist - Antarctic Wastelands - In Eternal Drift
Ambientologist - Jupi/ter - RedInk