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Reflections, Vol. 4

Reflections, Vol. 4
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Once again we present a mix album reflecting on the past year (and a bit), celebrating the 4th year of Ambientologist releases! Half a dozen unique releases between October 2022 and December 2023.

The year saw the gorgeous Venusia released on vinyl, Fionnlagh's sublime remix album, the first instalment of the Ambient Echoes series in partnership with Echoes Blue, and the stunning forest album from Henrik Meierkord & Ni!, with accompanying wooden photography box.

Due to its length, the mix had to be split into two halves, but a full (and downloadable) version can be found on the Ambientologist SoundCloud:

And as always, a number of full tracks are included, completely free.

Thank you to all the artists involved, and to those that supported them by listening, sharing and purchasing their music.



01 Meierkord Kobak Lucchi Saviano - El Duende [from Venusia]
02 Jupi/ter - Hounds [from Islands, Pt. 3]
03 Marco Lucchi & Henrik Meierkord - Tides [from Suggestiva]
04 Fionnlagh - To the Villa on the Cliff (Fionnlagh's Ripple Through Time Rework) [from What Came After]
05 Henrik Meierkord & Ni! - болото / Träsk [from Ekosystem]
06 Jupi/ter - Islands [from Islands, Pt. 3]
07 Fionnlagh - This Storm Will Pass (Logic Moon Remix) [from What Came After]
08 Jupi/ter - our final days [from Islands, Pt. 3]
09 anthéne & Clara Engel - Far From Your Fire [from Ambient Echoes, Vol. 1]
10 Henrik Meierkord & Ni! - дуб, наверное / Troligen Ek [from Ekosystem]
11 Marco Lucchi & Henrik Meierkord - Lectio Magistralis [from Suggestiva]
12 Antarctic Wastelands & IKSRE - Solari [from Ambient Echoes, Vol. 1]
13 Fionnlagh - What Has a Beginning, Has an End (Anwalter Remix) [from What Came After]
14 Meierkord Kobak Lucchi Saviano - Eranthis Hyemalis III [from Venusia]


All tracks composed and performed by artists named above
Mastering by Ian Hawgood and Chihei Hatakeyama
Image by Andreas Schnabl
Design by Ambientologist

Ambientologist is a new label dedicated to the psychological capabilities of music.

The listening experience is put on equal standing as the artistic expression, with an emphasis on the emotional and the semantic.

A resource for psychological and spiritual development.

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Ambientologist - Reflections, Vol. 4 (Pt. 1)
Ambientologist - Reflections, Vol. 4 (Pt. 2)
Ambientologist - Meierkord Kobak Lucchi Saviano - El Duende
Ambientologist - Henrik Meierkord & Ni! - болото / Träsk
Ambientologist - Jupi/ter - Islands
Ambientologist - Fionnlagh - This Storm Will Pass (Logic Moon Remix)
Ambientologist - Marco Lucchi & Henrik Meierkord - Lectio Magistralis