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"A fascinating amalgam of cover versions and heavy post punk dub…enormously impressive"
4.5 out of 5 ROLLING STONE

'Enter a female solo artist for you to give a shit about' LOUD AND QUIET

'She’s like a seriously pissed-off Nico shoehorning her way into a great, lost Ghostface Killah classic.' NME

"Yang Yang" is one of those rare tracks that is just undeterrably fucking cool. RCRD LBL

'Anika's new album injects some forward thinking elements into the post-punk template. No grey Factory re-treads here, instead the singer pays homage to the true spirit of the era.' CLASH MUSIC

'Anika’s debut record is unhinged to the point of requiring prompt sectioning. It is frequently terrifying, plainly unsettling and isn’t the best thing to listen to alone in the dark. It is also quite, quite brilliant.' DROWNED IN SOUND

'coming across like a less ethereal glasser, a reverb ghosted chanteuse informed by the post-punk outer limits and fun-for-fun's sake, anika's debut record is one of those growers which soon envelope you and won't let you go.' ROUGH TRADE

'This could be one of those records people play in wonderment or revulsion.' INCENDIARY MAGAZINE

'This quickly thrashed-out debut draws heavily on the ramshackle DIY attitude of punk and its assimilation of the heavy dub basslines that rolled in alongside settlers from Jamaica in the late 1970s/early 1980s.' MUSO'S GUIDE

'The dub, electronics and Slits/ESG-like post-punk riddim influences make for an impressively, discordantly spare listen, while the assuredly deadpan vocals and liberal use of reverb take it somewhere much darker. It’s not an easy record to love by any means, but while the delivery and idea has the feel of a one-off curio, it’s an entirely individual work.' LINE OF BEST FIT

'Cartoons with UFOs, Wall Street trading floors, Ronald McDonald, the Life of Brian, TV studio sets, bid dippers, Chernobyl, the Earth seen from outer space… Judging by this jumble of psychoactive images, it looks like Stones Throw has found a new talented weirdo.' PLAYGROUND MAGAZINE

'Dirtying sweet songs of the sixties and putting politics back into music with the help of Beak>' LOUD AND QUIET

The former journalist made a name for herself in the electronic music scene with her experimental sound collages, confrontational texts and unique way of performing live solo. Her breakthrough came in 2010 with the release of the cult-hit LP, ‚Anika‘ (Stones Throw /Invada), which she recorded with Beak> in Bristol, which began her long and winding road into the music, film, poetry and arts scenes.

Found tracks

Anika - Terry
Anika - Yang Yang
Anika - End of the World
Anika - Masters of War (Yang Yang b-side)
Anika - Officer, Officer
Anika - Sadness Hides the Sun
Anika - No One's There
Anika - I Go To Sleep
Anika - Masters of War (Dub)