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Tantric Danse, Macabre Jazz

Tantric Danse, Macabre Jazz
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Epilogue to «Initiation».

Libation, the musical wine of grief.

A sound canvas divided into three parts.

O dark Night
Turn the head!
Le bleu du...

O wives!
My blood
(The South!)
How beautiful...
Beware yourselves.

O wives!
My blood!
This story
Is a lesson
On your death.

“Tantric Danse, Macabre Jazz” is a full exploration of the immersive connection between the South & the East, touching on a voluminous musical layer that stretches from the Mediterranean Sea (eclecticism of Spain, mysticism of Italy) to the transition to the East through the Balkans & Greece, in particular, I praise the steppes, the Volga-Ural region, the Don Cossacks. This is a magnificent sound of the mystical South at the crossroads with the diverse East, which was embellished with the most exquisite types of vocals & the ornateness of the musical palette used, including Russian & Italian opera, the singing techniques of Spain & the harmonies of India.

Jus Sanguinis.
Jus Soli.

Dedicated to V-a, R-a, V-T. Requiescant in pace.

Divine eroticism.


Ritual dark jazz. Mystical neoclassical.
Electronic music.

Negative spirituality.

ex. O.I.V.

Found tracks

Autger - Callipygian Night Clothed with the Grapevine Sun
Autger - Elegy for Venus & Tantric Flamenco
Autger - O Steppe! O Grief! O Patria!