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2018 Breakthrough Artist at the Brazilian Music Multishow Award, Baco (Bachus) is a brazilian singer, rapper and composer. He began to gain popularity after the release of the track Sulicídio, composed in 2016 where he criticized the national rap scene, concentrated in the states of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, claiming more visibility for the production of other Brazilian states. Among the main characteristics of Baco are its strong metaphors with crude and poetic lyrics that speak about love, sex, power, religion and society.

After also winning Song of the Year - "Te Amo Disgraça" - he is now launching his second álbum.



"I am the first rhythm to make black people rich
I am the first rhythm to set black people free
Ring on the finger, on each of the five
Wind on my face, I feel alive
From now on I consider everything blues
Samba is blues, Rock is blues, Jazz is blues
Funk is blues, Soul is blues
I am “Exu do Blues”
Everything that when black was considered devilish
And then became white and was accepted, I will call it blues
Jesus is blues"

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