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I was livestreaming a DJ mix and played 3 John Coltrane flips back to back and began to ponder doing a mix featuring Jazz/Hip Hop hybrids. I decided to challenge myself and only include tracks I've received in 2020. The result is FlyJazzSounds, the 30 minute mix you hear once you press play. Although, inspired by Jazz, the mix is primarily Hip Hop, unlike my Some Jazz series. 
Sadly, while completing the mix, Jazz critic Stanley Crouch passed away. I admired Crouch for his beautiful writing and intelligence, but largely disagreed with his thoughts on Jazz and especially Hip Hop. He had a really interesting idea that Davey Crockett was the first embodiment of Hip Hop. I'll share the link if I can find it again. RIP Bro Crouch.
I'm still livestreaming, and can be found at Please sign up so you can enjoy the mixes every Sunday at 1 30 PM CST.
Illustration by #RahduDidIt

BamaLoveSoul is a Movement carefully overseen and facilitated by artists and music appreciators alike. Created to change the perception that everyone in Alabama listens to a certain type of music, BamaLoveSoul has become so much more! The website has become the “Go To Spot” for exposure to New and Alternative music, as well as old tunes that you may have missed.

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BamaLoveSoul - FlyJazzSounds