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Maxi Degrassi - Gotta Do It (Original Mix)

Maxi Degrassi - Gotta Do It (Original Mix)
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Artist: Maxi Degrassi, Ale Russo, Franco Dalmati
Title: Gotta Do It
Label: Bar 25 Music ( )
Release: 01.03.2024
Cat. No: BAR25-207
Label Code: LC-19112
Release Type: EP
Medium: digital
Territory: ww
Artwork: Spencer Robens
Mastering: Rob Small

01 Maxi Degrassi, Ale Russo, Franco Dalmati - Silk And Satin (Original Mix)
02 Maxi Degrassi - Gotta Do It (Original Mix)
03 Maxi Degrassi - Static Fantasy (Original Mix)
04 Maxi Degrassi - Belveth (Original Mix)

Introducing the much-anticipated release on Bar 25 Music, Maxi Degrassi's "Gotta Do It," featuring the talents of Ale Russo and Franco Dalmati. Hailing from the vibrant city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Maxi Degrassi has been steadily carving out his path as a DJ and producer, showcasing a remarkable versatility in his musical style.

With a penchant for blending Deep and House influences with melodic, organic, and minimal sounds, Maxi Degrassi's sets are a testament to his eclectic taste and unwavering dedication to his craft. Having graced stages in renowned cities worldwide, from Miami to Barcelona, his career trajectory is marked by notable achievements and collaborations with industry giants.

This release encapsulates a wide range of emotions, starting with "Gotta Do It" as the point of departure. This track unfolds gradually, building a captivating atmosphere that envelops the listener in a unique experience. From the very first beat, there's a palpable energy that grabs hold and transports you into a hypnotic state. Every element of the song intertwines masterfully, creating a dynamic that evolves constantly and keeps the listener fully immersed in the sonic journey.

For Ale Russo, the creation of "Silk And Satin" was a collaborative endeavor filled with joy and creative exploration. Teaming up with fellow artists and friends, the song became a platform for experimentation and growth, culminating in a piece that resonates deeply with both creators and listeners alike.

While Franco Dalmati's poignant reflections infuse the music with a profound sense of personal significance: "This track is an analogy of a very important year for me, since the emotions that run through its few minutes represent what I have been experiencing in recent times. I feel very identified with the sound, it has a very rhythmic groove fused with vocals and emotional melodies."
est. 2006, Berlin 🇩🇪 music that moves!

The music label embodies the spirit of the legendary Bar25 Techno Club and stands for playful electronic music. Artists like Acid Pauli, Nicone and Oliver Koletzki are just a few of the protagonists of recent years.

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Bar 25 Music - Maxi Degrassi - Gotta Do It (Original Mix)