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Into The Realm

Into The Realm
Get INTO THE REALM on every format and a shirt for a discounted price!
The Count variant on vinyl
4 panel Digi Pak CD
Cassette Tape
Album cover Tee Shirt in size of your choice S-3XL

Includes digital pre-order of Into The Realm. You get 3 tracks now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it’s released.
The highly anticapated debut record from the New York fantasy doom rockers, is finally here! INTO THE REALM

True to the band’s ethos, Into the Realm was recorded in an abandoned Philadelphia church the band temporarily converted into a studio. Among the flooded floors, decaying plaster, and ornate stained glass windows, the band stacked their Orange amps and tracked over two and half days, with engineering and production assistance from Davis Shubs and Thomas Johnsen.


Riley Pinkerton: The Rat Queen, Lead Vocals, Guitar
Franco Vittore: The Count, Lead Guitar
Ronnie Lanzilotta III: The Plague Doctor, Bass
Josh Strmic: The Druid, Drums
Maddy Wrigh: The Rat Reapress, Stage Actress

PLEASE NOTE: The release date for INTO THE REALM is 04/12/24
and all products are mockups. Images will be updated as products arrive.

Castle Rat is a Medieval Fantasy Doom Metal band led by the Rat Queen on a mission to expand and defend ‘The Realm’ from those who seek to destroy it. She is joined by The Count, The Plague Doctor, and The Druid. Together they face the relentless wrath of their arch nemesis: Death Herself — ‘The Rat Reaperess.”

Found tracks

Castle Rat - Dagger Dragger
Castle Rat - Feed The Dream
Castle Rat - Resurrector
Castle Rat - Red Sands
Castle Rat - The Mirror
Castle Rat - Cry For Me
Castle Rat - Realm
Castle Rat - Fresh Fur
Castle Rat - Nightblood