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Luminescent Bridge (24-bit HD Audio)

Luminescent Bridge (24-bit HD Audio)
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24-bit / 48K HD audio.

Behold the latest offering from the enigmatic death metal outfit, Blood Incantation: a maxi single featuring a brutal death metal track and an ethereal, cosmic composition, with a total runtime of nearly 20 minutes.

On the first track, prepare to be annihilated by Blood Incantation's signature sound, with crushing riffs, thunderous drums, and guttural vocals that will transport you to the abyssal depths. This track will leave you convulsing in a frenzied, primal state.

The second track takes a departure from their death metal fare and explore again a cosmic, ambient soundscape that will leave you mesmerized. With atmospheric synthesizers, haunting melodies, and otherworldly timbres, this composition will take you on a journey through the boundless expanse of space.

A metal label with diverse tastes, Century Media arose from humble origins as a bedroom label based out of Dortmund, Germany in 1989 and have expanded greatly over the past 30+ years.

Acting as a beacon of professionality, reliability, and an unwavering dedication and passion to the most important thing of all – the music – Century Media are a flagship label in the metal and hard rock fields.

Found tracks

Blood Incantation - Obliquity Of The Ecliptic
Blood Incantation - Luminescent Bridge