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Nostalgia b/w Clockin Out

Nostalgia b/w Clockin Out
Edition of 40 on black. Half went to the band so only 20 to go around.

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Show-goer 101 tip: always show up early enough to check out the opening bands. Flash back to September 2023, when Dutch band Lewsberg made their Atlanta debut along with Melbourne's Dippers. The opening band was a new local group called Ultra Lights. It was their second show ever. I had recognized half of the band from other bands in town (most notably Turf War), and when they finished their last song, like a bad case of fleas, their set stuck with me. I went up to John the guitarist and asked straight out if that last song in their set was a cover. It was so good that I naturally thought it was something I’d heard before somewhere else. It was not.

I proceeded to listen to the recording I had made of Ultra Lights from that night and rapidly became a fan. After their third show, it was obvious that they needed to get into the studio. By their fourth show, I got up the nerve to ask Ultra Lights to release a single. They have but five shows under their belt, but the world is ready for Ultra Lights.

Hooks upon hooks upon swagger served on a sizzlin’ platter of buzzy guitars, sturdy rhythm, and sprinkled with nihlistic lyrics. That’s Ultra Lights.

“Nostalgia” is the first song that really stuck out, and Chunklet Industries is proud to announce a pre-order for their vinyl debut with the flipside “Clockin Out.” Without question, “Nostalgia” is the feel good hit of the summer, and we defy anybody to prove otherwise. Nostalgia will eat the young.

Please, sir, may I have some more? Why yes. Yes, indeed.

We're All In This Together. Except you. You're a dick.

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