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Progenies of the Cemetery

Progenies of the Cemetery
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Demo 2019

Tape edition by Unholy Domain Records.
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CD edition by Morbid Chapel Records:
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All tracks recorded, performed and produced by M. at Grey Matter Studio

Four tracks about death, gore, darkness and ancient evil. Influenced by bands like Deteriorot, Rottrevore, Funebrarum and by the Old Gods, Congenital Deformity lies in black vomit, rancid juices of decomposition, mold, worms, phlegm, under the cemetery.Putrid death

Found tracks

Congenital Deformity - Mucous Mass
Congenital Deformity - Crypt of the Deformed
Congenital Deformity - Horrendous Creation
Congenital Deformity - Blood of the Ancient Dead



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