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Solus is the spiritual follow-up to Reflector, an album of extended minimalist ambient techno released at Entropy Records in France. A full eighty minute exploration of barely-there sonic sculpture, transparently draped over a consistent bass drum rhythm that frames the piece. With Solus, empty space is the key element in the composition. This is an atmosphere that has been deliberately colored to enhance and accompany the sounds of the listener's momentary surroundings, be they an open window at night, the hum of an engine while riding in a car, birdsong on a sunny day, the crash of waves on a shoreline or the insistent drops of rain on a rooftop during a storm. Solus guides the listener through a sensation of movement, provided by the rhythmic pulse and gradual shifts in temperature of the backing drones and textures buried deep within it, making it the perfect companion for sleeping, reading, driving or simply placing on repeat play while you go about your daily routine in your home or office. Solus is wallpaper music, but it is also detailed enough to enforce its own shapes and shadows onto any wall. An adventure in sonic absence, a Rorschach inkblot for the mind to ponder and discover its own sense of balance, purpose and placement.

***A limited edition CD-R version of Solus will be available in the coming weeks.

Analog Botany, since 2005.12.08. Impressionist techno and bedroom fantasist electronics. Compost instead of composition.

I also release music as Milieu:

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Coppice Halifax - Solus