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Shamanic Tales

Shamanic Tales
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Altar Records proudly brings a new psydub EP to the light of day, crafted by visionary artist Cosmic Dust.
Titled "Shamanic Tales", it is pretty self-explanatory. We hope it will guide you to the light and unveil a few mysteries of magic places and its inhabitants from around the world...Have a great trip!

ॐ Cosmic Dust ॐ

Coming from a French/Indian/Caribbean family, Cosmic Dust aka Damien Gallau was born in 1985 in France, he has always been passionate by music.
At the age of 16, he was playing Rock with different bands and projects. His first performance was as a singer, then he was performing as a guitar player for Punk Rock shows.
In 2007, he started to travel around the world, interested by indigenous music, culture and gatherings…
Asia, Australia, US, South America, Europe…Then he went to Osaka city in Japan, where he started his Cosmic Dust project at the 'Wana Bar'.
He also started performing as Hitech DJ, first in the clubs in Osaka, then to Singapore, Malaysia…

In 2016 he encountered the chillout/psybient/downtempo world and a year later, he was performing a down-tempo set for the tribe at Atman Festival (Sri Lanka).
During the years 2017-2018 he was traveling to Taiwan, this time blasting Psytrance in Taipei clubs and outdoor festival like Miracle, Earthfest Revolution.

In 2018 he came for the first time in Europe as a DJ and performer for the Shankra festival (Swiss), Seed of Freedom (Portugal), Infected festival (Portugal), Psybertech (Portugal), Suti festival (Portugal), Terra gathering (Portugal) […]

In 2019 he came back to his roots at Atman Festival in Sri Lanka
and played a lot in Thailand, Cambodia and Japan… He also got invited to play at UV bar in GOA .

Damien is also a visionary artist, making lots of artwork and design for psychedelic clothing, tapestries, etc.

For the love of Fusion/Experimental Music!
Shamanic Melodies & solid Bass,
Can't wait to see u on the dance floor!!!

Coming from a French/Indian background, was born in the 80's and grew up in a little town in France. Traveling the globe since 2007, always been passionate about music, experimenting and performing different music, projects...

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