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Blip my Chip – ItaloFrance Micromusic Compilation [COUCOU012]

Blip my Chip – ItaloFrance Micromusic Compilation [COUCOU012]
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An international chiptune alliance between Italy and France, born during the wild nights of Blip My Chip, a kickass party organized by Festen in Paris. If you weren’t lucky enough to be there, don’t panic: you can still enjoy the 8 bit/circuit bending/weird stuff sounds of Blip My Chip with this free release. But seriously, don’t miss the next party!

Co-Released by Coucou Micromusic Netlabel, Dataglitch , Festen.

Founded (12/02/2009) by Buskerdroid and J8b!t.

All of our productions are licensed with Creative Commons and are freely downloadable. Our money is your caring and sharing, However every year we have to face some costs to keep this project up and running. Would you like to help us through a little donation? Now you can by clicking on the “Donate” button to give us a small offer through PayPal.

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Found tracks

COUCOU Micromusic Netlabel - Chrono Triggers - Blip My Chip Jingle
COUCOU Micromusic Netlabel - Jaytresh - Cutvox
COUCOU Micromusic Netlabel - Spintronic - God save the bleep
COUCOU Micromusic Netlabel - Buskerdroid - Screaming Chip
COUCOU Micromusic Netlabel - Bitcrusher - Quadrangular breaks
COUCOU Micromusic Netlabel - Kenobit - Happy Overload
COUCOU Micromusic Netlabel - Microman - Tecnica progressiva