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Monday Jam 08. You

Monday Jam 08. You
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Last Jazz House journey for 2021

See it live here:

Next year will mark the release of my third album.

As for Monday Jams..they will return!
It's too much fun :) :)

Wishing you a safe and cosy holiday.



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"Monday Jams are all about sharing the joy of music making in real time. To achieve this I’ve turned my studio and live set up into one entity. It goes down something like this: I’ll make the drums, pick a couple of musical ideas, draft out a structure, press record and perform live.
As any live or electronic improviser will know, your limitations are your strengths. You have to commit to the moment, and as a musician at heart, I’m looking forward to sharing these moments with you"

Jazz / Electronic musician.

Originally from Bristol England, Ben Jacobs aka Crackazat is a multi-Instrumentalist and electronic producer. Since his emergence on the international scene, he has quickly become recognised for his unique fusion of Jazz and house music.

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Crackazat - Monday Jam 08. You