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Afrika Mandalika

Afrika Mandalika
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Afrika Mandalika

Cymbalic Encounters displays its ‘world music’ side with the release of “Afrika Mandalika,” which features nine original progressive rock songs with an African twist of classic tribal and healing chants with rhythmical drums samples to offer authenticity to the tracks which include titles like; “Rains of Waimba, Voodoo Supermarket and even Black Magic.”

Guitarist, Fernando Perdomo appears on a few songs like the upbeat opener, “The Fire Merchants” and “Festival of Miracles” an instrumental which also features Joe Berger on guitar.

Also contributing are vocalist Tim Pepper from the U.K., who was also greatly influenced by Peter Gabriel’s work with Yassou N’Dour. Further accompanying Mark are Japanese bassist, Kenta Shimokuni and Mark’s son, Preston on guitar.

Afrika Mandalika track list:

1. The Fire Merchants
2. Rains of Waimba
3. Black Magic
4. Sacred Trees
5. Shadows from the Past
6. Festival of Miracles
7. Voodoo Supermarket
8. Windows and Skies
9. Surrounding Shadows

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Mark Murdock at Off-Shore Recordings Tokyo

Eventide Reverb, Delay, and EQ and compression settings by Beam Audio N.Y.C, Joe Berger

All words and music composed by Mark Murdock
Copyright 2024
All Rights Reserved


Drummer, keyboardist and vocalist Mark Murdock's Cymbalic Encounters features eminent progressive-rock unit Brand X alumni guitarist John Goodsall, bassist Percy Jones.
Murdock shines as a renaissance man and offers a diversified set, highlighted by the largely memorable compositions and aided by a crystal-clear studio production.

Found tracks

Cymbalic Encounters - The Fire Merchants
Cymbalic Encounters - Rains of Waimba
Cymbalic Encounters - Black Magic
Cymbalic Encounters - Sacred Trees
Cymbalic Encounters - Shadows from the Past
Cymbalic Encounters - Festival of Miracles
Cymbalic Encounters - Voodoo Supermarket
Cymbalic Encounters - Windows and Skies
Cymbalic Encounters - Surrounding Shadows