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Egilsson Egilsson is a poem from Egil's Saga. The poem is the most personal and moving poem we know from the old Nordic literature. After the death of his son Bødvar, Egil locked himself in a room and wanted to starve himself. Especially tragic to Egil is that Bødvar died of an accident at sea and that his other son, Gunnar, died of illness. Therefore, they do not go as fallen warriors to Valhal, but to the dim darkness of Hel. Egil feels that his "legacy" is broken. He has become old and lonely.

Danheim is a Nordic folk/Viking inspired project from the Copenhagen-based Danish producer Reidar Schæfer Olsen, focusing on Nordic Folk and Viking age inspired music . Danheim's music is often composed with ideas and stories based on the darker side of the Viking period, inspired or consisting of Nordic Mythology, old Danish folklore and a vivid imagination.

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