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Dark Ambient at the Crypt II

Dark Ambient at the Crypt II
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Empty Chalice post-industrial / blackened noise from Italy (UK debut)

BURL spiritual funeral industrial from Bristol

Dead Space Chamber Music + Tommy Creep dark ambient / ritual collaboration

Documentation of the event:

EMPTY CHALICE explores the broad field of post-industrial music, releasing death industrial records, power electronics, dark ambient, drone, and blackened noise. His most recent release, Mother Destruction (Toten Schwan Records) featured collaborations with ASHTORETH , Rare Form and Kurgan Hors, recieved wide acclaim, as "an unsettling piece of work, sitting at the dark end of atmospheric, freeform ambient works coming out of labels such as Cryo Chamber and Throne of Bael [...] There is a place in our lives for music like this: be it in the small hours, the darkness, or times when we need headspace, when it helps us to think" - Echoes And Dust.
We are honoured to welcome Empty Chalice on his first performance outside of Italy.

Cries and whispers through stone walls.

Dead Space Chamber Music are doing something visionary, unique and beautiful. What I imagine the more halcyon moments of Diamanda Galas's dreams must sound like. Great album, check it out" - The Unquiet Meadow, Asheville FM, USA.

"Hunched over his modular apparatus, Tommy Creep coaxed strange and mysterious sounds to match the visuals projected onto the ceiling of the crypt. It was spellbinding, the audience eirther seated on pews or on the floor, were transfixed for the duration of the performance" - Kodak Ghosts Run Amok, Bristol underground Zine

Artwork features an installation in the crypt by Ellen Southern voice/sound/art (DSCM) and Markus Feiler (Berlin), from As Above So Below site specific artist residency 2018 Design by Tommy Creep.

Dark Alchemy is an independent event series promoting dark ambient, ritual, industrial, noise, drone, darkwave, esoteric & experimental artists. Our events are held in unique spaces including crypts and churches.

Found tracks

Dark Alchemy - Empty Chalice / Rare Form / Peter Verwimp - Treblinka's Snow
Dark Alchemy - BURL - Gostanza
Dark Alchemy - Dead Space Chamber Music - Screaming Veils (Live at the Gryphon)
Dark Alchemy - Tommy Creep - The Hidden Realities of the Air