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Stillness 1

Stillness 1
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This piece started its journey into life as a system of MIDI loops playing the Waldorfs and other instruments in my studio. I created that original version to provide a semi- self-generating ambience to accompany me while I was tidying, rearranging and building Jaspers Keyboard Racks in my studio. At that stage the music had some “Berlin School” style sequencers but as I finished the studio renovations I just wanted to sit in the studio and contemplate the new colour-changing LED lights that I have added to the room. This is the version that emerged – a slowed down, calmer piece that invites a less active, more contemplative way of listening.
The drum sound from the Behringer Edge is reminiscent of the sound of my frame drum that I used in rituals and meditation. It seemed to fit well with the drifting drone sounds o of the Waldorfs.

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I've been making electronic music for 40 years. With all that has happened or not happened in 2020 I have decided that I should actually record some of my music. I love music that encourages altered states of consciousness - so expect drones and overlapping cyclical sequences.

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David Kellett - Stillness 1