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It is with utmost pleasure that we share with you the latest addition to our catalogue - a sensational 4-track EP from Chambers. Get ready to groove to the steady and rock-solid house tunes that make up this EP, all galvanized by the infectious sound of dub.

Entitled 'Dlamzer EP,' this musical offering is nothing short of a flair; it's a testament to the incredible talents of Chambers and the creative energy that they bring to the world of electronic dance music.

As summer sets in, this EP is the perfect soundtrack to your breakdancing adventures. So go ahead and give it a listen - we guarantee you'll have a striking moment as you sway to the rhythm of this incredible EP.


Deep House Cats SA is a turf for music to flourish, surmount and blossom. It is an accessible platform created to receive new people, projects and their influences. By continuously exploring and progressing, we are a part of the revolution.

We are all metaphysical people, free as our music, and we live for that reason.

Found tracks

Chambers - Bygones (Dlamzer's Dub Mix)
Chambers - I Want Your Love (Dlamzer's Dub Mix)
Chambers - Scenic Route (Dlamzer's Dub Mix)
Chambers - You Hurt Me (Dlamzer's Dub Mix)