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Cut Piece

Cut Piece
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Formed in 2022, Cut Piece is made of long-term active members of the Portland punk scene - Laura (vocals) Mary (drums) Samantha (bass) Zach (guitar). As Punk disassociates from politics and becomes a shopping culture, Cut Piece is here to remind us that when the urgency that hardcore takes for granted is combined with a catchy hook and the way we live our lives, that punk is our best form of modern cathartic expression.

But what do they sound like? It’s a fusion of midtempo and fast melodic punk with a sharp edged guitar sound, shouted vocals and solid drumming. You can dance to it!
-Erin Yanke

Members of Petite, Dials, Dark/Light, Era Bleak, Macho Boys, Piss Test, Red Dons, and more!

Split release with Sabotage Records. Europe can grab a copy from them.

Releasing things we like since 2006(ish)

Found tracks

Cut Piece - Accept Defeat (Don't Sabotage Me)
Cut Piece - Don't Become the Enemy
Cut Piece - Life Goes Dark
Cut Piece - Mind Regression