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Abnormal EP

Abnormal EP
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DJ JM - Abnormal EP

Abnormal is the sound of DJ JM ratcheting it up a notch, both in production-value and musical creativity. The title itself stands as a compact explainer of DJ JM's constant sonic assignment – Abnormal consolidates years of JM's work to keep club music weird and unexpected. Retaining the chunky percussion and quick-stepping rhythms he built his name on, the EP also contains intricate, cleverly designed sound-beds, and extends the menacing electro-techno swagger DJ JM began exploring on his previous No Days Off and Squash EPs.

Preferring synths over samples, Abnormal is filled with sudden bursts of psychedelic melody, off-kilter audio-manipulations and bubbling acid-trip basslines. The tracks also have a subtle but distinctly Lithuanian edge, drawing influence from the iterative, morphing patterns of the folk symbols and insignia carved into the remains of ancient settlements near Vilnius.
'Syze' bounces melodic percussive riffs across an arpeggiated bassline, with synth flourishes and talking drums squeezed in between. 'Pepper' has DJ JM's trademark high-energy vocal chants and a thick, slamming bassline. The title track, 'Abnormal', is perhaps the most stripped back, building a weighty atmosphere through increasingly choppy perc stabs. 'Erazer' closes out the EP with ducking filtered pads and sliding scales through an industrial rhythm section. Each one stands as a "wtf was that?!" set highlight, a vortex of wild ideas in a club-primed package.

DJ JM makes slappin beats for modern discotheques, specialising in off the wall melodies and gritty, smashed up drum rhythms. Watch this Bandcamp for fresh transmissions from JM, burned straight to the format of your choice.

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DJ JM - Syze
DJ JM - Pepper
DJ JM - Abnormal
DJ JM - Erazer