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Rekktor Music

Artist(s): Invocamvs
Track(s): Predestination, Oddities, Flyng Dirty, Regresion
Format: Digital WAV/MP3
Catalogue Number: RKTRM013
Release Date: December 29th of 2023

Another new debut for an artist on the label. Invocamvs arrives with an EP of four original songs with very scattered sounds and great bass and kick drum frequencies. They highlight their dark sounds, their linear structures and their strong hits on the kick. Hopefully this is the first of many releases in Rekktor Music...

Mastering by David M&M

DkN Selections and Rekktor Music are a labels, that, as its name says, is a selection of techno music under the supervision of his founder, Dykkon.
Label concept is clear, to release dark and linear techno that, at the same time, will connect with the dancefloor no matter the name of the producer. Only the music will speak, with the same language.Label's format is digital... at the moment...

Found tracks

Invocamvs - Predestination (Original Mix)
Invocamvs - Oddities (Original Mix)
Invocamvs - Flyng Dirty (Original Mix)
Invocamvs - Regresion (Original Mix)