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V.A. - Homunculus Legend

V.A. - Homunculus Legend
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Homunculus Legend

D Noir Is now ready with their latest and much awaited compilation. Collected by Atohms, forged In Costa Rica and mastered meticulously by Metrix, Is now available in all platforms. Since the Homunculus itself has been created by several elements involving an alchemic process, the unique sound that this compilation potrays,
consists of eleven fine tunes that will tickle your mind, creating the unique sense of deep psychedelic trance that our sound alchemists transmit in their flow.


01- Anubian - Modern Science (148)
02- Psiked'eliah & Kusabi - The Path (150)
03- Atezu - The Valley of Temple (150)
04- Mind Oscillation - Monkey Loves You (150)
05- Kronos - Kiss of Saturn (152)
06- Microsphere - Foolish Society (152)
07- Atohms - Flask Creature (152)
08- Algorithium - Australis Borealis (158)
09- Crooked Mind - Arcane Formula (156)
10- Sound Alchemist & AumRa - Homunculus (158)

11- Bonus Track - Xhamanik Ritual Feat Viral Mechanism - Source of Energy (165)

Mastered by Metrix @ MTX Mastering - Zurich

Artwork by Entheos Art

Compiled by Atohms

D Noir offers alternative perspectives in Psychedelic trance.
The platform was created by Kronos with the will of pushing DJs, producers and highlighting the trends of the scene.

Found tracks

D Noir Records - Anubian - Anubian - Modern Science
D Noir Records - Psiked'eliah & Kusabi - The Path
D Noir Records - Atezu - The Valley of Temples
D Noir Records - Mind Oscillation - Monkey Loves You
D Noir Records - Kronos - Kiss of Saturn
D Noir Records - Microsphere - Foolish Society
D Noir Records - Atohms - Flask Creature
D Noir Records - Algorithium - Australis Borealis
D Noir Records - Crooked Mind - Arcane Formula
D Noir Records - Sound Alchemist & AumRa - Homunculus
D Noir Records - BoNuS TrAck - Xhamanik Ritual Feat Viral Mechanism - Source of Energy