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Jumbled Epiphany

Jumbled Epiphany
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Okay so this is a recording I made back in 2015 with Eric Van Thyne at his studio in his bedroom. Omar Akrouche was also a part of this recording. I have fond memories of our little drum circle for the percussion on this track. Another version of this song is featured in the first thing I ever worked on with Jonni a project called "Succession" which was never finished but there is a trailer.

Within the context of Barber this song resides in the section where Barber is headed to the airport for the first time and is riding in the car with their family. Originally I had a whole other piece of music written for this section that had a little pause where I thought it would be cool to have some thing playing in the car on the radio. I sent Jonni this song (she hadn't heard this version of it before) and she had the idea to use this song in that section instead of the other music I had written. A lovely little example of the kind of spontaneity that Jonni has when she works.

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