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Seven years of agony

Seven years of agony
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The father of Effrontery guitarist-composer Péter Lipák deceased after a long struggle. Our new album guides through that painful process with cruel honesty. The „Seven years of agony” commemorates all our departed relatives, as our vocalist too experienced an irreparable loss during times of songwriting. We hope that this album will help other people to get over their personal tragedies too.

01 - Enter the Misery (4:03)
02 - Autoscopic Journey (3:57)
03 - World of Subjection (2:07
04 – Poisonous (4:51)
05 - Profound Marks (3:36)
06 - The Dread Within (2:55)
07 – Revelation (3:02)
08 - Seven Years of Agony (4:08)

Originally from Martfű, Hungary, Effrontery is one of the most persistent bands from the hungarian extreme metal scene, spreading chaos since 2001.

Found tracks

Effrontery - Enter the Misery
Effrontery - Autoscopic Journey
Effrontery - World of Subjection
Effrontery - Poisonous
Effrontery - Profound Marks
Effrontery - The Dread Within
Effrontery - Revelation
Effrontery - Seven Years of Agony