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Linga Dei

Linga Dei
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I wish, with this release, that we could be feared as much as Stravinsky's music in his days, but sad and fairly we're just as harmless as his portrait picture. Here's a lovely illustration of something the time might have got twisted with it's advancement in a musically congested era.
Musician used to look and behave like ordinary people yet produce something far greater than what they projected as individuals. Honesty seemed to be more than a coherent concept, rather, just a seamless way of letting the work speak for itself. No costume other than conventional black suits and ties were used to dress the humble monsters that were Shostakovich, Prokofiev and Khachaturian, no need to amplify the virtuosity of Rachmaninov's piano works other than the natural reverberation of the space the piece would end up impregnating once played. Other than the opera, musician were still and led their listeners on their diapason.
Time without the abstraction of success gave birth to a new imagery of music, a place in which the aesthetic where the character and "bank-ability" of the musician seemed more relevant and substitutional to his lack of actual boldness if not a lack of musical capabilities than an actual voice and ambition for the field of the music world rather than it's inhabitant... Musicians used to be referred as artists by the artist musicians.
"So much violence now-a-days", but "fuck-none" be fair, disparities and empty convulsion make a greater case of what the realm of it is to our ears. Stupidity and ignorance is what separates violence from power, strength, potency, might and force. We're in the ear-era of violent attractiveness, catch the fans, get the girls, that over-calculated confusion spills a poorly scattered and hollowed down touch in the depth-seeking musical adherent, curiousness is lost on the loose... "I mean, you know..." Verdi's Dies Ire shits on any hardcor'ish bull shated by our titillated jilted crunchy-nutted music generation, and, butts up with a greater gas-power than ever, does it by far!
I can't find the word to rightly express how much this new release is a shame to the world and our generation, you included. A century ago, Bartók composed his second string quartet, Gustav Holst saw the first performance of his "The Planets" piece and Beethoven was already dead for nearly a century by then.... Listening to "Linga Dei" on this day is a sad-snobbish move for anyone with the slightest sense of musical open-mindedness.
No matter how unwelcoming is the path awaiting this release, let it be said that we're already disappointed, and by publishing it, we wish to share that huge frustration with you in the loudest way possible.
Let it also be said that we mastered it ourselves, why would that matter? We'd love for your inner equilibrium to remain unharmed afterwards, underline, it's not a stupid crushing compressor, we've left some room for your ears to breath between the notes, despite the music being sometimes overwhelmingly construed, we meant for it to be so, we might hate ourself enough to bring us to produce this type of work but never enough to hurt you with it.
And, at last; Let it also be said that everything said previously here above is a full of shit statement that doesn't represent our way of thinking one bit and that we're very proud to share with you, the unknown, what might be the last record for this formation : "Linga Dei".
Give it a chance,
We love you,
Ele Ypsis

Ele Ypsis is the tortured child of distant artistic lovers singer and composer Laure Le Prunenec and composer and producer Stélian Derenne.

Found tracks

ELE YPSIS - Axis Mundi (Intro)
ELE YPSIS - Obsidia
ELE YPSIS - Turmali
ELE YPSIS - Syngue Sabour
ELE YPSIS - Chaoskra (ft Robyn Buttery)
ELE YPSIS - Linga Dei