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Suite 1.5

Suite 1.5
Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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Some of E-Stim Audio Suite's main features:
- Featuring a completely renewed interface.
- Full standalone deployment (Windows), portable execution. No extra software is required but is supported.
- Build in audio recorder to record files in lossless WAV in which ever sample and bit rate your sound card supports (Usually 96Khz 24bit for best results).
- Preset support, and Bank support (Store 16 Presets in one Bank).
- On the fly, real time sound generation and recording in various high resolution sampling and bit rates, direct monitoring of anything you do, with instant feedback.
- A completely renewed mixer panel with more hands on (or mouse on controls), with extensive stereo modulation options.
- Overhauled dB metering system.
- An extensive STEREO dual oscillator section (Separate from the already very powerful stereo modulation tools).
- Midi support with external controllers or build in generation tools for mouse only users.
- Thorough midi support and internal routing. (channel wise for routing midi signals internally and externally plus 2 on screen musical controller keyboards).
- A selection of virtual synthesizers based on classic fm and poly synthesis besides the dual oscillator section and drum, WAV and audio sections).
- Full studio environment integration (Clock sync, bpm, transport sync).
- Quad looping tape deck for WAV samples (With surround based strength/volume controls).
- Real time spectrogram and scope with line or XY mode, ideal for Tri-Phasing.
- New WAV file trigger deck (Trigger up to 6 wave file via a virtual drum pad with the push of a mouse).
- A variety of WAV players, triggers and tools, so you can use what you record in newer presets as a building brick.
- On-board 4 Voice midi sequencer that can be routed to 16 channels both within the E-Stim Audio Suite or external midi hardware
- 2 Onboard drum-kits, one easy drums, and an extensively customizable drum-kit.
- Extensive effects section featuring most common effects like Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, Reverb, Ringmodulator, Vibrato, and Delay, all root-able over all 10 channels the E-Stim Audio Suite comes with.
- A 13 Band precision EQ.
- Isolated channel panner (The main balance or pan pot is specially designed for E-Stim, it allows you to adjust the balance of the channels without actually sending the right channel signal over to the left channel while panning your mix to the left and vice versa, eliminates cross talk and phasing issues).
- A mastering section with on-board dithering (16 to 32 bit) compressor, warming, saturation, global reverb and stereo and headroom tools.
- Audio input to midi trigger or Oscillator's modulation.
- Linear recording of sounds, or non linear export via external hosting software.
- Powered by renowned VST technology, VSTi integration in external tools, programs, interfaces and hosts (Besides the standalone deployment).
- Regular updates and new builds to improve sound quality, CPU usage, and to implement new features.
- And so much more, check out the change-log for the latest updates and changes.

System requirements:
- Minimum system requirements are very much determined by the used sampling and bit rate settings.
- ASIO drivers are supported as well as windows based sound cards like MME, DS. (When ASIO hardware is used which we highly encourage the audio feed through latency to direct monitor out can be reduced to only 64 Samples which equals 1.5 MS @ 44.1Khz or even less than 1 MS @ 96Khz).
- Your audio interface does matter too (CPU and quality wise), ASIO supported sound cards usually use less CPU as the sound card does more work and sounds better most of the times.
- Also using WAV files takes a little more CPU especially when using all 3 WAV sections simultaneously (11 WAV files playing at once).
- You'll need at least a screen of 1280x1024.
- Consider using a system of at least 3 Ghz 4 GB for best experience (Not yet tested on older computers, could very well work, CPU is more important than RAM is this case according to the task manager it uses 256mb RAM and 20 to 50% CPU load on a said system at high resolution sample and bit rates whilst recording and playing WAV samples).
- For FULL DUPLEX support (Using multiple sound devices simultaneously) visit

Included are:
- Download link and password to the entire package.
- 3 WAV sample packs to get you started.
- Free updates and new builds for E-Stim Audio Suite.

The finest in electro stimulating audio creation and generation, providing truly organic wave shaping technology and content.

We are audio engineers with a passion for E-Stim. Offering audio files and estim sounds in wav or mp3. Our tools and generators, compliment audio enabled devices, tens units and power control boxes manufactured by companies like E-Stim Systems LTD, ErosTek, 3rdH, OhMiBod.

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E-Stim Audio - Drum and bass
E-Stim Audio - Clock patterns
E-Stim Audio - Ambient
E-Stim Audio - Amazing box
E-Stim Audio - Jabbering
E-Stim Audio - Micro melodies
E-Stim Audio - Live tweaking
E-Stim Audio - Smooth hum
E-Stim Audio - Morphing Tri-Phase session
E-Stim Audio - Tri phase ready
E-Stim Audio - Tickling
E-Stim Audio - Rounded filtered pulse train
E-Stim Audio - Harmonized soft pulses
E-Stim Audio - Inside a cavern
E-Stim Audio - Simple fun
E-Stim Audio - Human heartbeat
E-Stim Audio - Sidewalk
E-Stim Audio - Telegram from 2525
E-Stim Audio - Randomized
E-Stim Audio - Improvisation
E-Stim Audio - Stereo phaser
E-Stim Audio - Underwater soundscape
E-Stim Audio - Fragments
E-Stim Audio - Oscillator cloud
E-Stim Audio - Slow motion dance
E-Stim Audio - Synced Tri-Phase mode
E-Stim Audio - Rectified Tri-Phase pulse train
E-Stim Audio - Tri Phase patterns