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L'étoile et le soleil

L'étoile et le soleil
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"L'étoile et le soleil" (The Star and the Sun), although like other eVerlasting albums does not contain lyrics, evokes the bonds we create, those that strengthen, those that are broken... fears that we may have in relation to these links. 45 minutes of introspection and repressed emotions that flow like waves...

"L'étoile et le soleil", bien que comme les autres albums d'eVerlasting ne comporte pas de textes, évoque les liens que nous créons, ceux qui se renforcent , ceux qui se sont brisés... des craintes que nous pouvons avoir par rapport à ces liens. 45 minutes d'introspection et d'émotions refoulés qui s'enchaines comme des vagues...

People around me sometimes told me that my music sounded like film music,and this film isn't fictitious.It's life,the people we meet,who marks us!Events:good and bad.The emotions that go through us,overwhelms us.That's what inspires me.I let the emotions come out without thinking.
I invite you to listen to my music through headphones,and let yourself be carried away by the turmoil of my emotions.

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