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The journey of a label is often filled with surprises, and sometimes, the stars definitely smile on you… Like that day, when Exte C came to us, with the offer to produce the song “Mama“. This title, crafted as a tribute to his mother, was like love at the first sight for us. Mariloe‘s lyrics and her velvet voice, glide smoothly over Exte C’s Groove, and the charm operates irresistibly !

One nice surprise might have been enough, but while talking with Exte C, the idea of ​​producing a remix of the title came up, and with it, the name of Ed-Ward, another prominent figure in the South African deep house scene. While the name alone carries weight, the musical experience is a whole other realm, we can assure you.

So when you listen to “Mama” for the first time, prepare yourself for an exhilarating ride, as it is sure to leave some unprepared listeners in awe.

Voted 324 Top Artists of 2023 on Traxsource.
Charles Mogane, known by his stage name Exte C, is a dynamic urban artist hailing from Mpumalanga, South Africa. He embarked on his DJ journey in 2011, delving deeper into music production. By 2013, he ventured into online releases.

In 2023, Exte C‘s track “Boogie With Ex” made waves, securing the 5 spot on the Traxsource Soulful Top 100 Charts.

Found tracks

EXTE C - MAMA Exte C, Feat. Mariloe (Original Mix)
EXTE C - MAMA Exte C, Feat. Mariloe (Radio Edit)
EXTE C - MAMA Exte C, Feat. Mariloe (Ed-Ward remix Extended)
EXTE C - MAMA Exte C, Feat. Mariloe (Ed-Ward remix Radio Edit)