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CAMERON is a 5-track EP, or more of an art project. An abstraction pertaining to what is and what once was, in regards to me and my music. Thinly veiled innuendos, innocuous allusions, self-referential soundscapes. A severely personal collection of songs and simultaneously, my most detached. Dream-like in its languid sound, but also in its ebb and flow between sonic light and darkness. Exploring the liminal space between the innocence and knowing, lost between the agony and the ecstasy. For every moment of escapist fantasy, an ominous harbinger of what dreams may come.

Press release word salad aside; Most of you haven’t been following Faint Waves long enough to know that I actually got my start in Vaporwave and Plunderphonics (with which I explored Electroswing as well, public domain plundering) back in 2013 and 2014. The few releases I did in those spaces were, I’ll be frank, not good (hence why they haven’t been publicly available in years). You can still find internet evidence of those releases if you look hard enough, unfortunately. It was all very atonal and discordant as I was throwing things together, trying to figure it out. It was less about making something listenable and more about getting the “music” inside me out, whatever it took.

I thought it might be interesting to sort of go back to that space that I’ve steered clear of for almost a decade and do Vapor the Faint Waves way, whatever that means. So, I opened that door, and Cameron was born. I think it allowed me to explore a few of my recent thoughts and ideas; sort of wrestle with a few feelings and give them a cathartic outlet. Thematically, I think a lot of this music is coming from a place of malaise and frustration with a lot of issues: commercialism, capitalism, artistic censorship, social media, technological idolatry, and the impact it all has had in the digital era. Musically, as with everything I do, Cameron is a musical melange; I draw on Vapor, Chillwave, Smooth Jazz, Trip-Hop, etc. The themes and motifs I explore, musically, are nods to some of my favorite musical inspirations and explorations; past, present, and future.

In the distance, you may hear the faint sound of waves...

Emotive electronic music that blurs the lines between past, present, and future.

Est. 2013

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Faint Waves - Cameron’s Theme
Faint Waves - True Fantasy
Faint Waves - Second-Hand Life
Faint Waves - On The Coast
Faint Waves - Mass For Shut-Ins