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My Lover / Sexy Thang

My Lover / Sexy Thang
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Junei, the guitarist behind The Space Army Band, who would team up with his brother, General Lee, to form The Lost Weekend remains a pivotal character amongst the music scene of his hometown, Gary, Indiana.

Working closely with local indie groups & producers, such as Gordon Keith of Steeltown (Jackson 5's first manager), Junei would spend the 70s writing & recording whilst touring with artists such as The Emotions, Curtis Mayfield & Albert King.

Junei's calling card came to be in 1987, when he released his single 'Let's Ride' & 'You Must Go On' on local imprint, Pharoah's Records. The following year, he teamed up with Bernard Walker to produce a signature of that late-80s bedroom indie sound, cemented by the ideology & instruments used.

As Junei recalls..

"Bernard Walker approached me based on my reputation around town. He told me about this song that he wrote called "My Lover." Initially, he wanted to record a demo but I convinced him that I could do an actual finished production of his song, right from my small project "tape based, 8-track" basement studio. The sessions took place in Gary, Indiana in the basement of my parents home inside my small bedroom recording studio. The equipment used was a Fostex 1/4" 8-track recorder, Fostex 1/4" 2-track recorder, Fostex 12-channel mixer, Sennheizer vocal microphone, Korg DW8000 Synthesizer & a Roland R8 Drum Machine. As he sang the lyrics, I began composing what I heard in my head, then I recorded to tape each instrument one at a time (keyboards, drum machine, etc..) until we were satisfied with the production, then he laid down his lead vocals and I helped him sing the background vocals. Afterwards, I did some tweaking and then I transferred it to my 2-track reel-to-reel recorder, and that was it. He was totally pleased of the outcome."

Interplanetary vibes brought to you by @lovexpoet & @leolyxxx

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