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From the Tomb

From the Tomb
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"From the Tomb"
Morbid Visions Music

Morbid Visions Music presents “From the Tomb,” a limited edition split cassette release between American death metal bands—FETID ZOMBIE and CORPSE HOLE. Each band delivers two new songs of their own visionary brand of melodic-inspired death metal. FETID ZOMBIE enlists special guests from WAXEN, SVIERG, ZEALOT CULT, RIPPED TO SHREDS, and INFERI, while CORPSE HOLE enlists Yarne Heylen (CARNATION) to execute a crushing production. An absolute must-have release for fans of melodeath!

FETID ZOMBIE, the blasphemous and death-obsessed, solo effort of reputable underground death metal illustrator Mark Riddick, was born in January 2007. Riddick makes no apologies or compromises for his unique vision, offering a myriad of influences from hard rock/heavy metal to technical death metal. Prepare for an unruly onslaught of anti-faith sentiment and old school death metal worship!

Found tracks

FETID ZOMBIE - Forestalled Decomposition
FETID ZOMBIE - No Life After Death