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Your Reality Is A Fantasy

Your Reality Is A Fantasy
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The Swedish/Icelandic young prodigy Dataintrång has left the electro scene in shock after in only 2 years coming from nowhere risen to the Top of the pyramid.

Making his debute on Luke Eargoggles “Stilleben Records” imprint in February last year 2023 with “Malicious Malware” then teamed up with Eargoggle making their first record “The Super trance Experience” also released on Stilleben. Over a year they challenged the universe making over 45 records and over 270+ trax in less than 1 year after their first meeting in the studio.

Most released on Lukes imprint they danced with the Devil creating the album series and concept “Astroworld” with one album for every Zodiac sign.

Smashing into 2024 on Jan 1st they released “Milldoffs Lakejer” completely switching the sound back to the roots of electro style.
They also are very soon proud to present two vinyl releases on both superstar Helena Hauffs “Return To Disorder” imprint and Pareidolia Records by Stefania Meneghello.

Now Dataintrång through Milano based Records is ready to show the scene his solo work as an conceptual album in a much darker, melancholic and thought provoking fashion of style.

“Your Reality Is A Fantasy” 10 track release is testing the limits of humanitys darker fantasys, existentialism, critical thinking, prejudice, autistic awareness and where the line fä stretches in the art worlds freedom of speech.

Also opening the question of what is real and what is considered reality. Is it all a computer simulated experience or is there levels of levels of different awareness grade where nothing is really real?

The title and trax of the album leaves it up to you to discover your reality and fantasys. Existentialy thought-provoking the album now hits through Fume with it's dark electro aesthetic soundscape and it's driven techno-esque hopelessness the world 18th March 2024 on Fume Bandcamp and later on all major streaming services and boutiques.

“It feels like in a time where AI, Quantum-Computers and Ones and Zeros this record really comes perfectly in the electro scene where status in what gear used and Hardware Vs Software debate is more important than the musics quality a record created on a laptop and a Bluetooth speaker about the future and today's acceleration of AI really hits the nerve of provocative perfection.”

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Dataintrång - Your Reality Is Fantasy
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Dataintrång - Dissolving In Acid
Dataintrång - Love Is For A Weaker Mind