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The Great Silence

The Great Silence
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2xLP full length off Cavity Records. Out now.

" only eight tracks, North do more than just interest – they more often than not impress with a controlling assault of heavy over heavenly and catchy if not also crushing. It’s a feat as well, as their sound seems compelling enough to spark the mind of metal fans and post-rock fans all in one clean swoop. Don’t be misled though, North has returned with a hour long ride that tightens up their mind-swirling influences without going cheap on the slime – making this a logical, yet still rather enjoyable followup to What You Were." -

"if you're the least bit interested at post metal/gaze music, even out of curiosity, this album is a fucking smash. There’s almost literally no going wrong here, which is comparatively astounding, given the hit or miss nature of the post metal genre as a whole. North know how it’s done, and they are innovative and skilled enough to even invent some new ways to do it." -

"From murky doom to majestic post-metal to artsy ambience, the shear heaviness of "The Great Silence" is breathtaking on many levels. The vibe that permeates the music comes off as an inaudible drone that can only be described as subliminal. Remember the Nietzsche quote "When you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also stares into you?". Well, that is exactly what this record is: the abyss manifested into the grooves of a vinyl record. Nowhere is this better demonstrated than on the two gargantuan songs Sentience and Où Est Tout Le Monde?, which feature gut wrenching vocals and monster riffs juxtaposed with sublime melody and calm, atmospheric moments. Disturbing and awe-inspiring, this music is caged lightning. It has power enough to open rifts into new dimensions, wherein listeners can escape the mundane routine of life for awhile."

"The band excel at both sprawling atmospheres and righteous guitar-worshiping riffery, transitioning between the two at such a glacial pace that a track like “Sentience” morphs from Pink Floyd to the Melvins without a single disruptive second. Despite being an hour long, Silence is not fatiguing, stocked with lengthy tracks that forgo predictability...The Great Silence is the band’s most accomplished work to date." -

"North have twisted new life into post-metal, infusing the genre with a fresh burst of creative composition and unusual energy. The Great Silence is deeply satisfying, and will undoubtedly scratch that sludgy itch to your satisfaction." -

"Speaking as a fan of both ambient music and sludge metal it’s wonderful to hear the two working together so well. At their lightest as in ‘Origins’ the band is reminiscent of Sigur Rós and their at their darkest, with crushing (yet not simplistic) riffs, in ‘Pulse’ and ‘Patience’ the music feels like some of Mastodon’s earlier work. Not only do they have an interesting sound The Great Silence sports some of the most beautiful album artwork (by Matthew Mutterperl) that I have seen in a long while and I’m tempted to order the vinyl edition of the album so I can put it on my wall. The wonderfully stylised art features a seascape with a mountain rising out of it in the centre while above wheels a mystic starscape. This in many ways captures the audio effect of The Great Silence in print; dreamy otherworldly dissonance and riffs heavy as mountains and seas. North does well in creating a sound which merges these two extremes so effectively and demonstrates some a fantastic and effective balance between ethereal ambience and crushing riffs that’s well worth listening to." - since '05.

Found tracks

NORTH - nihil novi sub sole
NORTH - Sentience
NORTH - Inanimate Fathers
NORTH - Origins
NORTH - Pulse
NORTH - Patience
NORTH - Paradox
NORTH - Où Est Tout Le Monde?



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