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A visit to Providence in two parts and forty steps

A visit to Providence in two parts and forty steps
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Another fantastic tale by The Dead Mauriacs !

Review by Vital Weekly:
A trip - to Providence - is also to be found on the cassette by The Dead Mauriacs, a changing line-up troupe, but always with Olivier Prieur, here to be on found on 'wood stove, piano, audio cassettes, field recordings and audio files, computer', while his wife Helene gets credit for 'noises with metal walkway on the artificial island of Vassiviere'. Susan Matthews (a new name in the line-up) uses her voice to recite texts by H.P. Lovecraft. In the past I compared their work with that of Fennesz and Stephan Mathieu, but maybe also a bit more noisy and a bit more loosely structured. This new release is a major leap forward to something else. Maybe it's the voice of Matthews - very English - reciting these texts every now and then, but it's also her chant at the beginning of the first side, combined with the electro-acoustic noise Prieur is producing, combined with this collage like electronics, that we are reminded of the work of Nurse With Wound. Again, perhaps, more loosely structured, but then The Dead Mauriacs recorded this live in concert, but I really enjoyed this one; in fact, I could as easily go as far as to say that this is the strongest work by The Dead Mauriacs I heard so far. It's full of tension, full on drama and has great radiophonic qualities. Sometimes the collage-like aspects are very present that is seems hard to believe it's recorded live; maybe The Dead Mauriacs is simply a very good live band - it made me curious! This is an excellent release.Label for experimental music and all types of harsh sounds.
Run and founded by Jan Warnke.

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The Dead Mauriacs - A visit to Providence in two parts and forty steps - Side A
The Dead Mauriacs - A visit to Providence in two parts and forty steps - Side B



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