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Sylvan Coven

Sylvan Coven
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Bonus: Gloosh "Sylvan Coven" wallpapper in JPG format (2160p) made by Taya Rostovtseva. Without text and logo
GLOOSH continues to explore deep forests, to talk with spirits, to admire woodland dances and songs, to be enchanted by witches and to hide from the Night Parade of One Hundred Demons. This time you foresters are waiting for harsher and more evil thickets.

Handcrafted Black Metal from the wilderness of Siberia

The part of "DREVO MUSIC"

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Found tracks

Gloosh - Swampsong
Gloosh - Woodland Waltz
Gloosh - Hexenring
Gloosh - Incantation
Gloosh - The Mist of Sleep
Gloosh - Hyakki Yagyō