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We Are The Light Of A Fullmoon

We Are The Light Of A Fullmoon
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Third demo of Godemiché

Two versions of this demo exist. The first version is a 4 track demo. The second version was shared alongside Ahulabrum tracks which were at the time being passed around on the filesharing app Kazaa by the community as Werewolves of Venice tracks.

The second version is the more known because of its controversy surrounding the Werewolves of Venice tracks. Once the split reached people it was only then that Ahulabrum would come forward to take credit for the tracks. Unfortunately Ahulabrum never contacted us about it, but it was a relief to finally discover who the tracks belonged to, as they had been passed around for quite sometime.

This is the first version without the Ahulabrum/Werewolves of Venice tracks, as it was originally released. Along with its original artwork.

Formed in 2006 and inspired by Bone Awl, Velvet Cacoon, and Striborg. Godemiché hails from Bodega Bay, CA. All music by D. There is no relenting, No turning back.

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Found tracks

Godemiché - Ensival
Godemiché - Vesdre
Godemiché - Saverne
Godemiché - Paliseul