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Transparent Vibrant Shadows

Transparent Vibrant Shadows
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S.B. - all music, concept, lyrics and production
Namira - bass guitar on tracks 2,4,5
Brooke Johnson - bass guitar on tracks 7,8,9

Release by Inferna Profundus and Neo:Torment

From Metal Hammer (UK)

"Cold black industrial nightmares-
Lithuania's Haeiresis offer a bleak take on BM, full of urban industrially tinged influences- think primarily the ambient, soundscape-utilising likes of Reverence and Axis Of Perdition ( who donate Brooke Johnson on bass) rather than the extreme bpm of Mysticum or Blacklodge. Emotionally cold throughout, and bordering on the troubling, the riffs are icy, high-end affairs while the monotonous effect of the distorted and guttural vocals suggest more dynamism might be an idea next time around. While dry by it's very nature this is still highly atmospheric, the urban decay of more ambient instrumentals such as The coming of Wake saying as much as the metal tracks. ( 7/10)"

After a long time maturing in the mind of the artist and developing in the studio, Haeiresis finally presents its audience with a debut full-length album. The recording and creative processes followed various transformations, so as a result the sound is eclectic and richly layered with various styles of metal music.
Haeiresis have fabricated a sound that's immediately familiar while still being startlingly original. Speaking of the familiarities, there is a touch of Emperor as well as the distorted, dissonant guitar riffs inspired by The Axis of Perdition becoming entwined, and at times it is even reminiscent of Blut Aus Nord during their avant-garde black metal period.
Haeiresis has been incorporating progressive metal elements that help to create a biotic contrast with the more intense parts of the album. The album is ushered through its tranquil periods by an industrial/ambient undercurrent that fuses the tracks into an unrelenting flow.
Haeiresis owes a debt of many thanks to figures such as Namira (ex-Flames of Arborea) and Brooke Johnson (The Axis of Perdition, Mine[thorn], Hesper Payne, etc...) for their support and creative input.
“Transparent Vibrant Shadows” is like a free conceptual work, seeking rather to instill a specific mood and stimulate the imagination than to tell a particular story. This work is a logical progression from Haeiresis split album with ambient/experimental project Seagull Overseas of Vilnius. This is like a surreal stroll through the dark and foreboding hallways of an abandoned asylum, with the listener left free to perceive and imagine what awaits there. [Better take a flashlight - Ed]

Haeiresis is Vilnius based warped extreme metal music project, that uses dark ambient and industrial soundscapes as counterpart drawing inspirations from visual aesthetics of urban and industrial decay and thematically based around abstract and surreal otherworldly horror themes within the a abyss of psyche...

Found tracks

Haeiresis - Emitting Memories
Haeiresis - Hallowed but Hollow
Haeiresis - The Coming of Wake
Haeiresis - Mirrorstains
Haeiresis - Traces of Decay
Haeiresis - Transmigrating Corridors II
Haeiresis - Surreale
Haeiresis - Emptyroom
Haeiresis - Transparent Vibrant Shadows on the Breathing Walls