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It's finally here. My new album of 2024.
I hope it adds to your new and old memories.

A moment in time with my favorite memory. (Imagine your favorite memory when listening to this track)

Summer Heat 1983
The sun reflects on the water as a cool summer breeze passes by.

Stranger Things
As dark creatures surround me a state of trance takes over. A feeling of calm, power while stepping into another reality.

Into Oblivion
First fighting against my fall into a black hole, but then letting go and enjoying my magical journey.

Diamond Roads
As the mist clears the light reflects on the snow flakes spread over a path with an array of colors. I gaze into a beautiful horizon and breathe the crisp cold air.

Neon Dreams
A small glowing playful robotic bird shares its journey with me while flying across the water, through the trees and into the clouds.

Love for my kids
As energy flows through me as I feel the love for my kids. This bond is forever.

Synthwave, Chillwave, Retro, Darksynth, 80s, Outrun

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