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Astral Highway

Astral Highway
Comes with an attractive demi-foldover cover housed in a translucent envelope.

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Having survived an Astral Blackout, Heavy Moon returns to the psychic Autobahn for a fuel-injected, engine sparking, journey into the astral radio of the mind by putting the trip back in roadtrip.


“Are you tired of constantly listening to music in which the singer screams at the top of her lungs? Do you need something to relax, but the chirping of birds is boring? Can you trust the reverberating guitar themes that transport you to another world? Then Heavy Moon was made for you!

…You can take part in a progressive journey that perhaps Hendrix also experienced back then, with the difference that here the gain on the distortion pedal is not completely turned off. What's more, there isn't even a very distorting pedal here, which is why I wrote that we can talk about a nice relaxed record that doesn't need to be 100% paid attention to. In the background, for relaxation, it is perfectly suitable for a person to switch off after a tiring day. For those who love psyrock full of different effects, this is a must-have!
~ RockStation (translated from Hungarian)

"Cosmic Energy flourishes the air with the opener “Viral Vector”, the intergalactic space-tour is about to start, this is neo-space-rock with an exciting synth-futuristic aura. “Motorfunken”, simply, is Krauty Space-Rock at its best! A track full of Kosmische Psych and numerous space bubbles, the Astral Trip has already begun while the environment is fully Prog-a-delic and Spacey, of course! … The album closes with “Spiral Spectre”, the same SPACE scenery over here too, a bit slow, trippy enough, with an amazing mind-blowing Floyd-like guitar sound and some groovy analog keys, resulting in a relaxing Trip filled with Euphoria and Serenity… So, “Astral Highway” is another good and full of quality Space Rock album, Jakob is keeping the standards up high – I wouldn’t expect less..."
~ TimeLord Michalis (TimeMaZine)

HEAVY MOON is the studio project of Canadian multi-instrumentalist Jakob Rehlinger. Fueled by his kosmische synths and psychedelic guitar work, Rehlinger has uses Heavy Moon as an astral bridge to take listeners to the outer reaches of space.

Found tracks

HEAVY MOON - Viral Vector
HEAVY MOON - Motorfunken
HEAVY MOON - Astralfunk
HEAVY MOON - Viral Vector (B.1.1.529)
HEAVY MOON - Spiral Spectre