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Heavy Moon 8

Heavy Moon 8
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A series of long kosmische rock jams recorded during March-November 2016, presented in two trips.

Trip one—driving a Dodge Charger through the desert at night, listening to a Live at Pompeii bootleg on 8-track.

Trip two—enigmatic cult leader Brother XII in two parts.

YouTube comments:

"space jam for your croissant. well tasty; really like them. don't start listening if you intend to get any wok done on the side. "

"That bass took me to another universe in this multiverse"

"This is just... perfect."


Brother XII was an English mystic who, in the late 1920s, founded a spiritual community located just south of the city of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, off the west coast of British Columbia, Canada.

Having taken the name Brother XII, he established the Aquarian Foundation in 1927. The group's beliefs were based largely upon the teachings of the Theosophical Society. With the goal of creating a self-sufficient community independent of the outside world, the Foundation acquired additional property on nearby Valdes and De Courcy Islands, largely through the donations of a wealthy socialite. Other followers gave donations, large and small, to support Brother XII's work as a spiritual teacher.

An insurrection developed within the ranks of the colony when Brother XII's critics charged that he had claimed to be the reincarnation of the Egyptian god Osiris, though he replied that he had been speaking figuratively, that Osiris and Isis were male and female principles in Nature. Still, Brother XII's misuse of Foundation funds and his extramarital affair with a woman who he claimed was his soul-mate led to the breakup of the colony. The Aquarian Foundation was legally dissolved in 1929, though he continued his work with the followers who had remained loyal to him during the crisis, as well as a number of new recruits.

As time passed, he became increasingly dictatorial and paranoid, fortifying his island kingdom and reportedly accumulating a fortune in gold. His mistress, Madame Z, worked the members without respite, the tasks given being considered tests of their fitness to advance spiritually. One man who had been imprisoned in a cellar on the northern end of Valdes Island managed to row to Nanaimo to report the circumstances to the British Columbia Provincial Police, who investigated, but took no further action.

Eventually, as conditions deteriorated, Brother XII's core group of disciples revolted and filed legal actions against him to recover the monies they had contributed to his work. In a violent reaction, he destroyed the colony, smashing its buildings and farm equipment, and scuttling his flagship, the sailboat Lady Royal. Wilson and Skottowe then escaped in their private tugboat, the Kheunaten, rather than appear in court to answer the charges brought by their former disciples. Wilson is reported to have died in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, on 7 November 1934, though he may have fabricated his death. It appears that he subsequently met his lawyer in San Francisco, whose son has provided an eyewitness account of the meeting.



ɸʑʤϗ HEAVY MOON 9 COMING IN 2017 ȵʡʮψ

HEAVY MOON is the studio project of Canadian multi-instrumentalist Jakob Rehlinger. Fueled by his kosmische synths and psychedelic guitar work, Rehlinger has uses Heavy Moon as an astral bridge to take listeners to the outer reaches of space.

Found tracks

HEAVY MOON - Another Red Desert
HEAVY MOON - Another Pink Dawn
HEAVY MOON - The Manic Blues of Madame Z