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The First Day

The First Day
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A little over a year ago we were lucky enough to release bvdub’s ‘Tribes at the Temple of Silence’. Kicking off 2011, it marked a year of intense production for Brock, releasing a series of incredible records over the year which left people amazed at the creative vein Brock was in. Somewhere in that time I asked Brock if he would create a follow up to ‘Tribes…’. After a period of time in which Brock would message me at all hours on the development of this follow-up, ‘The First Day’ was complete.

Whilst I am obviously a huge fan of Brock’s work, and he is one of my dearest friends, I’m always a little stunned by my reaction to his varied work. It always, without fail, hits me in a way that just makes me stop from whatever I am doing and really enter into the world Brock has created. I think unlike any other artist I know, Brock really does create these tiny little worlds through his intense production, which (if you let them) just guide you somewhere wholly refreshing and beautiful. Perhaps ‘The First Day’ is the finest example Brock has given us of this ability. After all, it seems to be an album focused on (or at least, creating) dream-like states and nomadic story-telling. As with all things, you can’t just expect it to take you somewhere if you lack imagination. To dream, first you must sleep. All I can ask is that you let go and allow this incredible record to just take you on a journey, YOUR journey via the great mediator and secret guide that is bvdub, as it has for me many times already.

Home Normal is an analog ambient music label.

We were founded in Tokyo in 2008 but moved to the UK in 2019.

Most of our limited edition releases can be found in independent record stores and galleries across Japan in conjunction with our friends at P*Dis and Linus Records.

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bvdub - Never In The Prison Of Their Stars
bvdub - The First Day
bvdub - Whle They Dreamed We Were There
bvdub - My Skies Cry Your Name