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Black Morning, Winter Green

Black Morning, Winter Green
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Black Morning, Winter Green is a fundamental and immersive expression of Acausal Selfhood in musickal form, granted to me by the same phenomena I would grow to understand by means of the piece’s composition. As such, it should be considered pivotal to the development and direction of the emerging Hvile I Kaos praxis.

Hvile I Kaos is a Black Ritual Chamber Musick project dedicated in 2011 as a mouthpiece for the unspeakable.
Hvile I Kaos translates to "Rest in Chaos" in Norwegian.
The project has been based in both Ohio and California for varying time periods.

Affirm Life. Worship Death.

Hvile I Kaos is:

Kakophonix - All/None

Found tracks

Hvile I Kaos - I. An Inviting Afterglow
Hvile I Kaos - II. Grand Darkness Engulfs
Hvile I Kaos - III. A Shock of Winter Green
Hvile I Kaos - Bonus: Outro