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Blue Moon Blues

Blue Moon Blues
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Meet John, the quirky physics teacher who was about as conservative as a penguin wearing a tuxedo. Despite his buttoned-up demeanor, he had a secret: a penchant for self-destructive experimentation. From exploding lab experiments to trying out mind-boggling psychedelics, he was like a walking science fiction movie.

One fateful day, John decided to take the ultimate mind-bending trip and dabbled with Ayahuasca. Little did he know that it would be the weirdest journey of his life. In the astral plane, he encountered a bizarre rabbit with eyes that sparkled like disco balls. This rabbit, let's call it Fluffy the Unearthly Bunny, was like a walking meme from another dimension.

Now, John might have been a conservative teacher, but he was no quitter. He felt a bizarre connection to Fluffy, and the rabbit seemed to be mouthing something important. It was probably something profound like, "Carrots are underrated," but who knows with astral rabbits?

Determined to bring this cosmic critter back to our dimension, John hatched a plan. He dusted off dusty old books on ancient rituals, but let's be real, he stumbled through the translations like a baby giraffe trying to walk. Eventually, he cobbled together what he thought was a summoning ritual.

Cue the epic moment! John performed the ritual, waving a mix of lab equipment and kaleidoscopic props in the air like a conductor of a psychedelic orchestra. To his disbelief, Fluffy appeared before him, looking like a mix between an EDM rave and a fluffy bunny convention.

But, here's the catch - Fluffy's glow was fizzling out faster than a birthday candle. Panicking, John rushed Fluffy to the nearest veterinarian. The vet scratched their head, trying to figure out if this was a prank or a biology experiment gone wrong.

Despite their efforts, Fluffy seemed beyond saving. The astral plane rabbit just wasn't meant to live in the mundane world of physics and deadlines. John felt like the Grinch after his heart grew three sizes too small. He had brought Fluffy over to our dimension, but it seemed he'd also brought over a cosmic heartbreak.

But wait! The tale doesn't end there. John decided that it was time to get his life together. No more crazy experiments or strange trips. He channeled his quirky energy into teaching, and surprisingly, his students loved the new wacky-but-wise approach.

Years passed, and John grew older, wiser, and maybe even a little more hippie-ish. On his final day, as he laid on his deathbed, a glow filled the room. There was Fluffy, back and brighter than ever, surrounded by other bizarre astral creatures that John had encountered over the years.

Fluffy, with its eyes gleaming like cosmic disco balls, spoke to John, "Dude, you finally got it! Life's not just about equations and theories. It's about embracing the weirdness and learning from it. Keep being your crazy self, even in the afterlife!"

And with that, John passed away with a smile on his face, knowing that he'd been a part of the weirdest and most wonderful adventure the universe had ever seen. Fluffy and the astral gang partied on, remembering their favorite human who taught them the true magic of life - a perfect blend of science and silliness.

Hypnotica Records is a label based in the dark alleys of the underground Stockholm society Sweden.
As you might have already figured out we share a passion for the darker and weirder type of psychedelic trance that is inspired from the deep and magical forests of Sweden. After organizing parties since 2001 we wanted to expand and form a new type of record label to release the music we love.

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Skum Kanin - Skum Kanin - Blue Moon Blues