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"After our brief introduction, I sat down in the living area with the others as they spoke about their mission to find me, and how now that I’m here, there is hope for Solai. I remained silent, although I listened intently to what they were talking about as I stood and gazed out of the window overlooking the city. Eventually Locke got fed up with my silence, he walked up to me and grabbed my shoulder as he pulled me around to face him, and asked “Don’t you give a shit about the state of this place?” He was clearly frustrated as he leaned in towards me, with his face within a few inches of mine. Before I could say anything, Caine interjected, “You fucking idiot, what do you expect? He says he remembers nothing...” Locke's attention quickly shifted to Caine as they approached each other and squared up in the center of the room.."

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Created in 2015, PYLOT is a project inspired by music, film and various art styles from the 80's. It's focus is to provide original music whilst engaging listeners in a compelling story where the music serves as the soundtrack.

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PYLOT - Duel